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Building Automation

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Gaining control of your buildings energy efficiency is at your fingertips when you choose us for your automation system needs.  As a Honeywell distributor, we have considerable expertise in installing new systems and integrating updated systems into existing ones.

Optimizing Building Energy Use

Commercial buildings consume approximately 35% of the billions of kilowatts produced annually in the US.  Therefore, it obvious why organizations are adopting strategies that address building energy usage.  How are your buildings efficiency levels?  Often attention is given to renewable energy, retrofits, and other conservation types.  However, optimizing your building should be the first step to improving building energy efficiency. Allow AME to optimize your building’s energy use by:

ü  Continually reducing cooling, heating, and lighting consumption through design and practical conservation via building automation.

ü  Monitoring building performance via building automation system generated reports.

ü  Recommending lighting systems that consume less than one watt of electricity per square foot.

Increasing Your Building’s Performance

When building functions are synchronized overall building performance is vastly improved.  For instance, when lighting is integrated with HVAC control systems, significant savings are realized. 

Reducing Operational Costs

ENERGY STAR relates that commercial buildings devote about 30% of their operating budgets to energy costs.  Therefore, efficient energy usage is key to improving operating budgets.  AME can instill practical building automation protocols that will result in effective building energy management. 

All of our clients receive a full performance assessment which outlines system planning that includes:

  • Design
  • Installation notes and planning
  • Start-up
  • Commissioning
  • Training manuals & related system documentation

Ready to speak with one of our representatives?  Feel free to call! 

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