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What we do?

Wednesday, 11 June 2014 00:00

The era of intelligent buildings is here. 

Modern companies are grasping that efficient buildings can reduce overhead and improve marketability.  Automated Temperature Control Specialists is leading the way building automation technology and BAS analytics are utilized in today’s buildings.  The results are vast increases in building performance, substantial reduction of operating costs, and a matchless reduction in implementation costs.  We partner with mechanical contractors, facility managers, and engineers to create tailored solutions in building automation.  AME Inc. is a distributor of Honeywell products are designed for building owners, controls contract executives, and system integrators. 

Our building performance solutions include facilities management, lighting controls, energy solutions, new system designs, system retrofits, and comprehensive training.  We have diverse portfolio of clients that have benefited greatly from our services.

Who we are?

Wednesday, 11 June 2014 00:00

A.M.E., Inc. is one of the largest growing companies on the east coast.

  Our team is more than just trained controls professionals.  The principals have unsurpassed experience in the design and commissioning of systems.

  We have over 100 years of accumulated personnel experience and technical expertise in the design and installation of Mechanical Systems and Automatic Temperature Controls.

  • Hermie Patel, President
  • Past Partner of Air Systems, Inc (Full Service Mechanical Contractor)
  • Past Partner & Cofounder of Building Controls, Inc.
  • More than 40 years of mechanical experience, & 20 years of controls experience.
  •    Glenn Hertzberg, Vice President
  • Over 20 Years experience in Mission Critical Space
  • Emerson Network Power / Liebert
  • CE with ME Background
  • Data Center Design & Assessment Specialist
  • PUE (NYCERTA, conEdison, DASNY)
  • EEOP Specialist (Energy & Environmental Optimization Specialist)
  • Amit Patel, General Manager
  • LEED AP & Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
  • More than 9 years of mechanical and controls experience.
  • Technology Leader and R&D Specialist
  • Founded in 2004, by Hermie Patel with a vision of providing precision temperature Controls Solutions to Mission Critical Environments.  
  • Headquarters located in Fairfield, NJ
  • Over 27 In House Technicians
  • $9 Million Dollar Company
  • Bonding Capacity In Excess of $10 Million Dollars
  • Cover New England to Washington DC (Northeast US)
  • Flexibility of Split Shop  
    • Union Shop (IBEW & UA Pipefitters)
    •  Independent Shop
  • NJ’s Largest ACI Contractor


A.M.E. INC is proud to be distinguished as an 

Authorized Controls Integrator (ACI) for Honeywell.

This is the highest contractor designation offered through the ‘Honeywell Building Control Solutions distribution channel and is based on level of expertise, training, building size, and complexity. 


  • Siemens 600


  • basMaker
    • basTemplateMavi
    • basPlantMaker
    • basUnitaryMaker


  • 8 Schools
  • 12 Jaces

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